The “Volpi Scapigliate” association

The “Volpi Scapigliate” association was born in 2019 with the aim of supporting Andrea Rocchelli’s family during the trial for the murder of the photojournalist from Pavia against the Ukrainian National Guard soldier Vitalii Markiv. By expanding its perimeter, the association aims to promote the distinctive values of Andy’s work: freedom of expression, intellectual curiosity, the courage to tell uncomfortable or forgotten truths. Volpe Scapigliata (Disheveled fox) was Andy’s scout totem and speaks very well about his character and our principles. Disheveled like Andy, we want to instill a trace of his work and his style in Pavia and in the whole community.

To become a member of the Volpi Scapigliate ODV fill out the membership form. Following your registration, you will receive confirmation of membership via email. For those who join the association before 03/31/2021 the membership fee is of charge.