“La Volpe Scapigliata”: the thread between Andy and Mario

We read it all in one breath.

We cried, we smiled, we got upset. And then all over again. It was tough. And we would never wanted to miss it.

Mario Calabresi is a careful listener and an amazing storyteller, but he also knows very well what it means to die in the line of duty, to be killed, leaving behind little children. He had the courage to tell about himself, writing about the story of his family in a tough book: “Pushing further the night”. Today he tell about Andy, as a link between two different generations, but a destiny somehow similar.

To listen to the “La Volpe Scapigliata” podcast, led us to recall all the memories of the last 6 years in once, starting from that horrific 24th May 2014. We re-experienced the places. The seminary where the funeral was held. The trial in that tiny little courtroom. The walk among red poppers, last Spring. The last hearing in the Sala dell’Annunciata in Pavia, and that emotion never experienced before. It was as release on top of the permanent grief.

Today we feel all connected by that thin thread connecting the institutions, the journalism, the truth and the justice, as well as the thirst for knowledge and telling the stories that were so deeply-rooted in Andy. 

Today we are connected with them. With Mario, with Andy. With their families. Trying to push their nights a bit further again.


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