Turning barriers into bridges: let’s hike up with Andy

May 24th will be Andy Rocchelli’s kill anniversary.

After 5 years since he was killed, there are still many shadows regarding the dynamics leading to his death.
The court trial to clarify what actually happened has been carrying out in Pavia since July 2018.
As Andy’s friends, we have decided to organize an symbolic walk to strongly express the need of get to the truth.
The event is open to anybody willing to join to the whole itinerary or just to part of it.
We will gather by 7.30 AM in Piazzetta Rocchelli (via Razzini, Pavia) where Andy grew up and we will start the walk from there. We will pass by the San Lanfranco graveyard where his body is resting and we will arrive to the Pavia courthouse.
At 9.30 AM will start the 14th hearing of the trial, that is open for anybody who wants to attend.
Step by step, slowly but surely, we must get closer to the truth.
For any additional information, do not hesitate to write to and visit

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