Seven years waiting for justice: crucial days coming soon

Three months went by since the publication of the motivation of the appeal verdict. This has been rather painful for us to process: on one hand the confirmation of Ukraine’s responsibility of the double murder of Andy Rocchelli and Andrey Mironov, the involvement of the Ukrainian National Guard, the mortar fire shot from the Ukrainian Army deliberately targeting the two journalists till their material annihilation; on the other hand, the acquittal of Vitaly Markiv. Due to a formal flaw of the 1st grade trial. Truth and injustice.

Despite our anger, we decided to stick once more to the principles that guided us through this tragedy since its very beginning: keep close to the family, respect public institutions. Hence we patiently, quietly waited for the next steps of Italian Justice, while astonished witnessing the triumphal coming home of a soldier judged guilty but not chargeable. On May 24th, the 7th anniversary of Andy and Andrey’s death, we get ready for some decisive turns.

Exactly in these days the High Court of Cassation examines the verdict issued by the Court of Appeal. The resolution could be a sensational one: the decision of the Court of Appeal of not admitting some crucial evidence (the statements released by Markiv’s superior and comrades) due to a formal flaw might be ruled unlawful. This may lead to a delegitimation of the appeal verdict and foster its rediscussion.

The consequences would then be remarkable, as the formal flaw would be cancelled while the unquestionable substance would remain. We await with endless patience, asking the readers to wait with us.

Soon we’ll get to know what’s next, whether a new appeal will take place.

Meanwhile, the social and cultural involvement of Volpi Scapigliate keeps working. In the next months we’ll contribute to Cesura’s project of promotion of Andy Rocchelli’s archive and institution of a photo-prize in his memory. Volpi will work on the very contemporary topic of fake news, a theme intrinsically related to the storytelling Andy was focused on. Within the BambinFestival, a children festival held yearly in Pavia in the month of June, we’ll organize several talks dedicated to children, young adults, their parents and their educators. Together we’ll strive to craft a significative experience for all participants, a small step towards a better informed society.

Once again we find ourselves at a crucial node of this trial and of our involvement as cultural association. And once again that happens close to the anniversary we all hate. The path leads us further and we keep walking.

Oppure: there’s a long way ahead of us and we keep walking.

Articolo21 and the Milan Festival of Human Rights organized a press conference on May 24th, 5 pm. Andy Rocchelli’s parents, Rino and Elisa, their lawyer Alessandra Ballerini and the president of the Italian Press Federation will take part to the online talk, along with Paolo Perucchini (president of the Lombardy Association of Journalists), journalists Mario Calabresi, Nello Scavo and Mariangela Gritta Grainer, who widely covered the case. President of the lower chamber Roberto Fico will share a message dedicated to Andy Rocchelli’s story.

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